Golden Gear, Inc.
Based in Toronto, Ontario

Founding date:
May 1, 2010


Press / Business Contact:


Fate Tectonics
Dmg Swipe Comic Anthology

1710 - 165 Barrington Avenue
East York, Ontario
M4C 5M6

(416) 889-6850


Golden Gear is a Canadian game development studio made up of Andrew Traviss, Alex Bethke and Rosemary Brennan.


Brief Overview

Golden Gear was founded in 2010 by Alex and Andrew after they left Cryptologic Inc. where they were previously making card, table and slot casino games together. Golden Gear has worked with organizations and companies such as TIFF Nexus, Lionsgate Films, Fremantle Media, Kill Shakespeare, Social Game Universe, Bento Miso, Dames Making Games, TO Jam, Metanet Software and the Toronto After Dark Film Festival on a wide variety of projects. In October 2013 Rosemary Brennan joined the team as lead artist to assist with Fate Tectonics. Golden Gear splits their time between working on their own projects, providing development and design services to other studios and volunteering time in the local game development community.

Recent History

After assisting with the development of Pop Sandbox's Pipe Trouble and clearing the related controversy that project saw, Golden Gear has been focused on developing their own game Fate Tectonics and a new digital comic initiative. The first digital comics project they built was with the Dames Making Games organization and launched December 2013 for iOS as the DMG Swipe Comics Anthology. They are also working with local developer Christine Love to bring Analogue: A Hate Story to iOS.



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Awards & Recognition

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Selected Articles

  • "Golden Gear took things a little further, selling a deluxe version of their new game Fate Tectonics on a USB drive, modded into an old Game Boy cartridge, in vintage grey and gold variety."
    - Zack Kotzer, Now Toronto
  • "It was in a 30 day stretch of consecutive 14 hour work days when Golden Gear Inc. was born."
    - Daniel Kaszor, Financial Post
  • "As simple as a videogame can be, and that is exactly why you’ll be playing it for hours."
    - Alex Meer, Rock Paper Shotgun

Andrew Traviss on Twitter
Personal twitter for Andrew Traviss (@andrewtraviss) available at twitter.com.

Alex Bethke on Twitter
Personal twitter for Alex Bethke (@mrAlexBethke) available at twitter.com.

Rosemary Brennan on Twitter
Personal twitter for Rosemary Brennan (@NextEstrogen) available at twitter.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Andrew Traviss
Chief Executive Officer

Alex Bethke
Chief Operations Officer

Rosemary Brennan
Lead Artist

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