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September 9th 2015

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Fate Tectonics is a world-building puzzle game featuring a handcrafted pixel art style and a 16-bit symphonic soundtrack. Carefully place terrain tiles, piecing together the world in a way that will appease a growing number of god-like beings called Fates. One wrong move could mean angering the Fates, resulting in a chain reaction of destruction and chaos. Unlock the powers of the Fates to build a stronger and increasingly beautiful world and face off with final Fates for the ultimate world-crumbling finale.


Fate Tectonics started as a one-game-a-month prototype that Andrew Traviss was exploring but quickly expanded beyond that with the addition of Rosemary and Alex to the project. Developed over 2.5 years, the game went through many design iterations and lots of playtesting and feedback gathering at local and international events before completing a successful Greenlight campaign and being released on Steam on September 9th 2015.

Fate Tectonics was designed to be a highly intuitive world building game, challenging users to figure out the more complex interactions, while trying to remain accessible to a wide variety of gamer tastes and abilities. Testing data gathered from events like Pax Prime (2014/2015), Pax East (2015), GDC (Indie Megabooth 2015), as well as a number of Bit Bazaars has driven design iteration to a point where we've created a truly unique world building game, exploring destruction as well as creation in ways few, if any, other games have done. Starting from a 'problem' of users playing our game too long at public demos, we built over time a core game mechanic where users build and then destroy worlds in a series of time-limited ages while being rewarded for good play with more time in subsequent ages.

Post-launch the team has continued developing the game while exhibiting it at various festivals and focusing on the marketing side of the project. In its current form Fate Tectonics features four game modes, a pantheon of interesting god-like Fates, and a fully guided tutorial mode for new players to quickly learn the mechanics.


  • Create a sprawling world with continents, oceans, civilization and more
  • Awaken the godlike Fates whose powers you can borrow to grow and shape your worlds
  • 4 Modes of play:

    Ragnarosa & Fortuna: Earn Fortuna's blessing while trying to delay Ragnarosa's doom and survive through the ages;

    Serenity governs a simpler world, with less challenging game balance and no doom timer, users can play for as long as they want building expansive worlds;

    Custom Mode: Travissty lets players make the game more or less challenging by selecting from a series of rules configurations;

    Tutyr, the tutorial Fate is always happy to help you learn how to play in this game mode.

  • Beautifully handcrafted pixel art and a dynamic 16-bit symphonic soundtrack
  • Fun to play even if you have no idea what you're doing!
  • A variety of accessibility options including: Keyboard, Mouse, and Gamepad support with customizable key mappings; Art design and colour pallete are resistant to Protanomaly, Deuteranomaly, and Tritanomaly; Advanced options menu with adjustable settings for game speed, cursor speed, font size, and more


Launch Trailer 2015 YouTube

Trailer 2015 YouTube

Story Mode Gameplay - Beta Build 2015 YouTube

Announcement Trailer 2014 YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (5MB)


Selected Articles

  • "I was having such fun creating these quirky cute little pixel worlds and watching the Fates trample them to pieces, that I hadn’t even paid attention to the time."
    - April Marie, Technology Tell
  • "Annoy This Goldfish And It Will Destroy Everything You Create"
    - Chris Priestman, Siliconera
  • "Fate Tectonics is a beguiling game; it lures us in with the cathartic pleasure of clicking together puzzle pieces. The satisfaction in snapping the precise piece into the perfect place is matched only by games like Carcassonne. That is until you realize that you are actually playing a precarious game of house of cards with three angry toddlers stomping about."
    - John Z. Lindvay, BigSushi.FM
  • "If you play only one real-time polytheistic tile-placement world-building strategy puzzle game, make it this one!"
    - Raigan Burns, Metanet Software (N++)
  • "Has all the joys of creating with all the pains of having it crumble away around you."
    - Jamie Tucker, Asteroid Base (Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime)
  • "Toronto based Boss Level aims to be more of a community investment program than a game publisher with the release of Fate Tectonics"
    - Dan Kaszor, Financial Post - Post Arcade
  • "Golden Gear took things a little further, selling a deluxe version of their new game Fate Tectonics on a USB drive, modded into an old Game Boy cartridge, in vintage grey and gold variety."
    - Zack Kotzer, Now Toronto

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OST by Robby Duguay
Available on Bandamp robbyduguay.bandcamp.com.

About Golden Gear, Inc.

Golden Gear is a Canadian game development studio made up of Andrew Traviss, Alex Bethke and Rosemary Brennan.

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Fate Tectonics Credits

Andrew Traviss
Designer & Lead Programmer

Rosemary Brennan
Lead Artist

Alex Bethke
PR & Business Stuff

Robby Duguay

Stephen Frerotte
Lead Tester

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