Digital Comics

Our Service

Our strategy is to partner with comic creators directly to produce high quality digital comic experiences with a level of customization beyond what you get with the current set of creator-focused digital comic tools.

We take a new or existing comic, working with the creators to add any combination of visual effects, animation, video, sound, music and interactivity customized to each comic experience and packaged for a variety of distribution and business models.

Our Process

New Comics
  • Review source and reference material
  • Create storyboards for panels and overall flow
  • Create the comic assets
  • Create initial digital comic prototype
  • Review and revise
  • Finalize and package for distribution
Existing Comics
  • Create assets from the comic
  • Create initial digital comic
  • Review and revise
  • Finalize and package for distribution


We continue to refine our distribution methods and revenue models but currently we are able to package digital comics for release on the web, direct sales for PC/MAC installation, and/or as an iOS/Android mobile application for sale on their respective marketplaces.

Contact us directly with questions.

Sample Works